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Dark Spring Studios


Link: Noctis (The Web Territory of Fottifoh)
Description: DEFINETLY a must see! home to "Noctis", a sim that lets you explore a mind boggling number of stars and they're planets, also home to one of the best communities on the net!
Link: Dark Spring Studios
Description: My very first affiliate, and a very promising looking site, check it out!
Link: Clickteam
Description: Clickteam, the makers of Klik 'n Play, The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion, my three favorite programs of all time;)
Link: V-Cade!
Description: The V-Cade! is a great place to go if your bored, lots of Vitalize games made with MMF and TGF.
Link: EVRSoft
Description: EVRSoft, home of 1st Page 2000, the software used to create this site.
Link: Game Maker
Description: A very nice game making application.. And free! A must see!
Link: Game Hippo
Description: Bored? Check this site out! Over 1000 freeware games!
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